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Who We Are

Black Professional Women’s Network provides a supportive and informative environment for Black Women who are employed as leaders in the Corporate, Healthcare, Education, Non-Profit, and Government sectors.

Our one-of-a-kind Professional Support Network is composed of a welcoming and experienced community of individuals who are ready to share, listen, teach, and empower.

Our Mission & Vision

It is the Mission of Black Professional Women’s Network to help Black female employees be successful and gain advancement in their roles in US corporations.

It is the Vision of Black Professional Women’s Network to provide a safe and welcoming environment where powerful and diverse Black women come together to share wisdom, connect, and offer peer support and mentorship for the purpose of increasing the success and longevity of Black Women in US corporations.

Better Together

BPWN Members advance their professional skills, broaden their networks, and engage in enriching conversations. Join us today.

Increase Confidence

Know your value and make them see you

Share Relevant & Similar Experiences

Be inspired. Be informed

Provide Peer Support

Sometimes you need the listening ear of someone who understands

Gain Advice From Others

Get advice from women who have been where you are

Get advice from women who have been where you are

Every win counts! Every challenge is a growth opportunity

Be Challenged In A Safe & Supportive Environment

Can you recognize the habits that do not serve your growth?